Kristen LePine's Historic Heroines

By A.E. Bayne
August 2017, pg. 11

Playwright and novelist Kristen LePine says that big projects never seem to follow a straight line.  The University of Mary Washington instructor discovered this for herself as she began writing her first novel, Daughter of Sparta. She began it several years ago as a “choose your own adventure” book for a new educational publisher, but then the book took a new direction, and LePine decided to publish it herself.  Read More

Historic Heroines- JPEG-01.jpg



Sarah Lapp: At the Crossroads of Color and Creativity

By A.E. Bayne
April 2017, pg. 26

Local artist Sarah Lapp has been painting seriously for about seven years, making a living by creating and selling large-scale abstract works from her studio at LibertyTown Arts Workshop.  

Lapp is known for her expansive works, withstandard size measuring 48” x 48”. She says, “It’s the size that works best for what I do. I find that when I work smaller I try to fit so much in that it obscures it. I also work strictly with a palette knife which doesn’t lend itself to small scale work.”  (Read more...)

Sarah Lapp 2017


Helen Ramsey: Art from the Heart

By A.E. Bayne
April 2017, pg. 22

Helen Ramsey describes her show at UUFF Gallery in Chatham "as a miracle come true."  Though she has been painting since the early 1990s, Ramsey says she has shown her work sparingly around town, primarily through the Fredericksburg Center for the Creative Arts.  Art from the Heart is Ramsey's first solo show and serves as a retrospective of the septuagenarian's work, highlighting her development as an artist over nearly thirty years of practice.  (Read more)

Helen Ramsey Opening.jpg

April Cover Artist: Pete Morelewicz

By A.E. Bayne
April 2017, pg. 8

Pete Morelewicz is a new face on the Fredericksburg arts scene. After twenty years of working as a graphic designer in Washington, D.C., Morelewicz and his wife, Christine Henry, recently moved to Fredericksburg so that Henry could be closer to her job at UMW and so Morelewicz might pursue something he felt he couldn't in D.C., a career as an artist.  His cover image represents that new direction.  (Read more)

March Cover Artists: Carol Coffman

By A.E. Bayne
March 2017, pg. 8


Our cover photo this month is provided by local artist Carol Coffman.  Coffman has long been a member at Art First on Caroline Street, one of the area’s oldest art co-ops.  While studying for her Master’s of Interdisciplinary Studies in Interdisciplinary Art from Virginia Commonwealth University, Coffman found the gallery to be a place of diverse companionship and camaraderie for local artists.  (Read More...)

Picker's Alley, by Carol Coffman

A Year of Active Involvement

By A.E. Bayne
February 2017, pg. 3

Last year, I wrote an editorial about my goal of practicing loving kindness toward those in my life and my community here in Fredericksburg.  It has not always been easy, but setting that intention has helped me approach challenging situations differently over the past year, especially throughout 2016’s divisive political campaigns.  Watching conflicts, both onscreen and off, over fundamental differences in philosophy has been a test of my intention, the result of which has helped me to set this year’s goal toward being more actively involved in my community, especially regarding issues affecting the most vulnerable among us.  

Time and energy have always been my go-to excuses for why I am not more actively involved, and they are very real challenges.  I work as a full-time educator and run a publication as a secondary career.  I am a partner in a local book festival that requires year-round planning.  I help to organize events for an area art gallery, and I try to write at least one freelance piece each month, whether for Front Porch or other publications.  I also attempt to carve out time for creating visual art and poetry.  When I am not working toward these personal and career goals, I am fostering relationships with family and friends.  Time for anything else?  Not really.  Or is there?

Like most people with access to the Internet or a cell phone, I spend a lot of unintended time online.  The social media time-suck is a real phenomena.  How often have I tapped on the screen to check recent updates, only to find myself scrolling, clicking and responding an hour later with no recollection of where the time has gone?  I might do this under delusion of keeping in contact with friends or remaining informed, but I understand that social media is a superficial mechanism for true relationship building.  Let’s face it; social media is easy.  Building lasting relationships with people who hold differing opinions than I do is not.  How’s that for a fact check?

I also love to binge-watch my favorite shows and movies as much as the next person. How often have I started Episode 1 of fill-in-the-blank show, only to find myself six hours later at Episode 8 wondering if I have time for just one more?  How do I reconcile spending those hours in front of the tube?  The shows are quality programming covering important issues, the writing is top-notch, and whoo-boy, those actors are talented.  Right. Excuses.  

Don’t get me wrong; downtime is a necessity for everyone.  A person who doesn’t practice self-care will never be strong enough to care for others; however, I am sure there are myriad other ways I could take care of myself that would leave more time for more altruistic goals.  Bottom line: My lifestyle choices in my downtime chew up hours that could better be served in active involvement in my community.  

I will spend this year examining where that time might be and will replace superfluous activities with those that will be meaningful to both myself and others.  I’ll start with a couple of times a month and improve from there.  The body works as a whole. When one part is weakened by ill use or neglect it affects the entire being.  I intend to listen more, to discuss more, and to do more.  This is our home.  I, for one, plan to jump in and participate.  

Best Always,
A.E. Bayne


A.E. Bayne is the publisher of Fredericksburg Literary and Art Review, a partner in the Fredericksburg Independent Book Festival, and a veteran educator.  She has lived in Fredericksburg for the past two decades. 

Palettes to Pups: SPCA Art Crawl Showcases Local Shelter

By A.E. Bayne
January 2017, pg. 8

It is common knowledge that area animal shelters often find themselves filled to the point where they have to turn some animals away, so outreach is crucial.  Fredericksburg Regional SPCA’s director, Caitlin Daly, and local artist Jayme Bauguess have teamed up to pair ingenuity with creativity in the first ever SPCA Art Crawl.  Join them and other area artists on Thursday, January 5, 2017, between 7 p.m. and 9 p.m., for an event designed to highlight some of the many affectionate companions wanting to be adopted at the facility.   Light hors d’oeuvres, drinks and music will be on the schedule for the evening, and you might just find yourself leaving with a four-legged friend. (Read more...)

"Heidi" by Cheryl Bosch

"Heidi" by Cheryl Bosch

Tapestry of Arts: Fall FLAR is Full of Featuers

By A.E. Bayne
November 2016, pg. 18

What a doozy of a year!  When public life and times are divisive, I turn to the arts for solace.  Like many of you, I cherish a well-turned phrase, a compelling piece of writing, or thoughtful verse.  I seek composition and design to refine the rough edges of a topsy-turvy world.  The visual, literary and performing arts are woven with brilliant thread, resulting in collaboration and inspiration born of diverse creativity.  (Read more...)


Karen Jonas’s Country Songs Kicks Off at Kenmore

By A.E. Bayne
October 2016, pg. 26

“We’d each like a Manhattan, and if you’d make it a little orangey?  Up.” 

Tim Bray orders drinks at Kenmore Inn for Karen Jonas and himself that put a signature twist on a classic medley.  The two have been experimenting with recipes in preparation for the release party of their highly anticipated sophomore album, Country Songs, just as they’ve often put a personal spin on classic country rhythms and lyrics during their time playing as a duo.  (Read more...)

Escape: A Mixed Media Event

By A.E. Bayne

October 2016, pg. 24

Painter Joelle Cathleen has long admired what she considers G. Sean Walker’s raw talent for photography.  The two have been friends for many years, and Joelle Cathleen jumped at the opportunity to pair up with Walker for a mixed media show at UUFF Gallery in October and November 2016.  (Read more...)

Escape Joelle Sean .jpg

Whiskey and Wood Artisan Festival

By A.E. Bayne
October 2016, pg. 6

Tim Eggers has spent the past 20 years as a woodworker and the past ten as a wood artisan.  He and fellow wood workers started the Fredericksburg Area Woodworker’s Guild, a group dedicated to promoting local craftsmanship and supply for woodwork and wood artistry.  From this collaboration, The Workshop was born.  (Read more...)

Frank Fratoe: The Poetry Man

By A.E. Bayne
September 2016, pg. 2


Seven years ago in June of 2009, the first of Frank Fratoe’s poems filled a corner box in Front Porch Magazine with short, sentimental verse under the moniker The Poetry Man.  Fratoe piqued Rob Grogan’s interest after sending him a manuscript of poems he had written about people and places around Fredericksburg, and eighty-six poems later he continues to delight and inspire readers with his column each month. (Read more...

Fast Heart Mart and Acoustic Fire: "Going Back to Ol' Virginia"


By A.E. Bayne
August 2016, pg. 26


Fast Heart Mart’s veins run rich with Virginia narrative.  He’s missed his birth state, his family, and the rivers and wide variety of trees, which are scarce in his adopted home of California.  It’s been three years since Fast Heart Mart last played the ‘Burg, years that have most recently included two months of touring through Europe.  He is psyched to return to his beloved home state to open a show with his friend and celebrated local musician JoJo Bayliss at Colonial Tavern on Friday, August 5, 2016.  It’s a line-up not to be missed by traditional and alt music fans alike.  (Read more...)

Fast Heart Mart

JoJo Bayliss of Acoustic Fire

Notes on Notes: Song Writer's Workshop for Local Musicians

By A.E. Bayne
August 2016, pg. 10


On the last Thursday of the month in the spacious wood lined room above Picker’s Supply, you’ll find a small group of songwriters working out melodies, jiving about bridges and diminished chords, rhythms and rhymes. This amiable bunch of troubadours has made a routine of meeting monthly to listen to and critique each other’s work, an opportunity that is open and free to songwriters in Fredericksburg.   (Read more...)


Critters, Etc. 

By A.E. Bayne
August 2016, pg. 8


Two of Fredericksburg’s celebrated artists have teamed up to bring us an art show with a wild side.  Ed King and Cathy Herndon are known for their affinity with animals and both focus on them as subjects for their work.  Here, they bring us paintings and sculptures of our favorite furry and feathered friends using their signature styles. The show opens on Sunday, August 7th, between 11:30 and 1:30 at the UUFF Gallery, located at 25 Chalice Circle, behind the office park in Chatham. 

Ed King

Jumping Jack Flash, by Cathy Herndon

Jumping Jack Flash, by Cathy Herndon

Where the Heart Leads: Local Hikes New Zealand's Te Araroa Trail

Where the Heart Leads: Fredericksburg Local Hikes New Zealand’s Te Araroa Trail
By A.E. Bayne

July 2016, pg. 8

“Your heart is your compass.  Your mind is your tool.”  ~ Lynda Allen, Rules of Creation

In early 2015, Vicky Jasparro was working at Quantico and enjoying a full life in Fredericksburg, Virginia when she felt the first stirrings of a desire to be immersed in nature.  During that time, Jasparro was also participating in Lynda Allen’s workshop, The Rules of Creation, which Allen says is designed to help participants live more fully from their inner spark of divinity.  It inspired Jasparro to follow her heart to New Zealand’s 3,000 km Te Araroa Trail.  In September of 2015 she quit her job and jumped on a plane.  (Read more...)