Whiskey and Wood Artisan Festival

By A.E. Bayne
October 2016, pg. 6

Tim Eggers has spent the past 20 years as a woodworker and the past ten as a wood artisan.  He and fellow wood workers started the Fredericksburg Area Woodworker’s Guild, a group dedicated to promoting local craftsmanship and supply for woodwork and wood artistry.  From this collaboration, The Workshop was born.  (Read more...)

Frank Fratoe: The Poetry Man

By A.E. Bayne
September 2016, pg. 2


Seven years ago in June of 2009, the first of Frank Fratoe’s poems filled a corner box in Front Porch Magazine with short, sentimental verse under the moniker The Poetry Man.  Fratoe piqued Rob Grogan’s interest after sending him a manuscript of poems he had written about people and places around Fredericksburg, and eighty-six poems later he continues to delight and inspire readers with his column each month. (Read more...

Fast Heart Mart and Acoustic Fire: "Going Back to Ol' Virginia"


By A.E. Bayne
August 2016, pg. 26


Fast Heart Mart’s veins run rich with Virginia narrative.  He’s missed his birth state, his family, and the rivers and wide variety of trees, which are scarce in his adopted home of California.  It’s been three years since Fast Heart Mart last played the ‘Burg, years that have most recently included two months of touring through Europe.  He is psyched to return to his beloved home state to open a show with his friend and celebrated local musician JoJo Bayliss at Colonial Tavern on Friday, August 5, 2016.  It’s a line-up not to be missed by traditional and alt music fans alike.  (Read more...)

Fast Heart Mart

JoJo Bayliss of Acoustic Fire

Notes on Notes: Song Writer's Workshop for Local Musicians

By A.E. Bayne
August 2016, pg. 10


On the last Thursday of the month in the spacious wood lined room above Picker’s Supply, you’ll find a small group of songwriters working out melodies, jiving about bridges and diminished chords, rhythms and rhymes. This amiable bunch of troubadours has made a routine of meeting monthly to listen to and critique each other’s work, an opportunity that is open and free to songwriters in Fredericksburg.   (Read more...)


Critters, Etc. 

By A.E. Bayne
August 2016, pg. 8


Two of Fredericksburg’s celebrated artists have teamed up to bring us an art show with a wild side.  Ed King and Cathy Herndon are known for their affinity with animals and both focus on them as subjects for their work.  Here, they bring us paintings and sculptures of our favorite furry and feathered friends using their signature styles. The show opens on Sunday, August 7th, between 11:30 and 1:30 at the UUFF Gallery, located at 25 Chalice Circle, behind the office park in Chatham. 

Ed King

Jumping Jack Flash, by Cathy Herndon

Jumping Jack Flash, by Cathy Herndon

Where the Heart Leads: Local Hikes New Zealand's Te Araroa Trail

Where the Heart Leads: Fredericksburg Local Hikes New Zealand’s Te Araroa Trail
By A.E. Bayne

July 2016, pg. 8

“Your heart is your compass.  Your mind is your tool.”  ~ Lynda Allen, Rules of Creation

In early 2015, Vicky Jasparro was working at Quantico and enjoying a full life in Fredericksburg, Virginia when she felt the first stirrings of a desire to be immersed in nature.  During that time, Jasparro was also participating in Lynda Allen’s workshop, The Rules of Creation, which Allen says is designed to help participants live more fully from their inner spark of divinity.  It inspired Jasparro to follow her heart to New Zealand’s 3,000 km Te Araroa Trail.  In September of 2015 she quit her job and jumped on a plane.  (Read more...)

Tim Snyder: New Works, New Direction

Front Porch Magazine
April 2016, pg. 26

Local photographer Tim Snyder’s show, New Works, will open to the public at Bistro Bethem on April 3rd between 2 p.m. and 4 p.m.  Primarily known for his photography in real estate, skateboarding, portraiture, and landscapes, Snyder’s new show will include works of abstraction and contrast, highlighting creative conceptual art that represents a different direction. (Read More

MotoWorks: Big Dreams for Small Shop

Front Porch Magazine
March 2016, pg. 31

It’s a dream when you think about it.  You’re hanging with your best buds, crackin’ brews, talkin’ shop and admiring your first restoration, when you realize that what you’ve got going is pretty damn good, maybe even genius.  The group is growing, space is getting tight, and you’re all thinking that it might be time to take the whole show on the road, to move it into a larger space for the sake of your crew and your own sanity.  (Read More)

CommonWealth Slam: Competitive Catharsis

Front Porch Magazine
March 2016, pg. 28

Robert Owens might be the person who is most surprised by his development as a poet.  In school, he’d thought of poetry as dry and academic, structured and somehow designed to make the reader feel less intelligent than the poet.  He felt no connection.  It wasn’t until he was 22 years old that he began to consider himself a writer. The advent of Def Jam Poetry changed his outlook.  Finally, he heard something that sounded like his writing.   (Read More

CWS Website
CWS Facebook

Yoga Foundation of FXBG: Spreading Peace through the Community One Pose at a Time

Front Porch Magazine
March 2016, pg. 31

The Yoga Foundation of Fredericksburg will open its doors to the public at 1403 Franklin Street on February 29, 2016.  YFF currently seeks nonprofit status and will use funds raised through the new studio to reach community members in most need of health and wellness assistance, but who might not have the means to obtain it.  

Founded offsite in October of 2013, YFF is the brainchild of local yoga instructors Steve Watkins and Stacey Strentz McLaughlin (both formerly of Dragonfly Yoga Studio).  Joining them is John McLaughlin, a Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction teacher and co-founder of Insight Meditation Community of Fredericksburg.  (Read More

YFFLOGO jpg.jpg

Birding: The Original Twitter

The Health Journal
February 2016

Follow these tweets for stimulation, rejuvenation and fun

For years, studies have shown that spending time in communion with nature provides life-changing opportunities to de-stress and get active. In fact, the Journal of Environmental Psychology cited a group of five studies in 2010 showing that people gain a sense of vitality that outweighs even the physical effects of exercise when involved in activities in a natural outdoor setting. From the casual observer to the avid enthusiast, one way people are making room for nature is through bird watching.   (Read More)

A Fair Deal

Front Porch Magazine
February 2016, pg. 15

VCFC believes that accessible, affordable fresh food leads to healthy lives

The farmer’s markets in Fredericksburg, Spotsylvania and King George are burgeoning spaces, bustling with buyers and sellers during Virginia’s long growing season. What started as a collaboration between these farmers markets, The Farmers Market.co (TFM.co), has blossomed into an organization working to promote local farmer’s markets and to increase local food access and affordability, connecting those with limited means with programs that will get healthy food into their hands. All of this is positive and indicative of the growth that our region, one the size of Rhode Island, has experienced over recent years.  Today, TFM.co is evolving to address broader food access and food system issues.  

Global Perspectives(C

Front Porch Magazine
January 2016, pg. 25

Photography opens a Year of Diversity in Art at UUFF Gallery

A paired photography show from Seth Craig and Saeed Ordoubadi kicks off UUFF Gallery’s Year of Diversity in Art.  An opening will be held on Sunday, January 3, 2016, from 11:30 a.m. until 2:00 p.m., at 25 Chalice Circle in Fredericksburg. Come out and enjoy this pairing of populations, cultures, and natural habitats that span the globe.

Making the Cut

Front Porch Magazine
January 2016, pg. 11

Greg Crawford talks paper portraiture, fan arts and trading on Instagram

A little over five years ago, Greg Crawford began experimenting with his wife Candace's excess scrap booking paper.  He’d always enjoyed working with collage and decoupage, and he had developed an eye for light and shadow through his interest in photography.  When he came across a short video tutorial showing paper cut portraits, he knew he’d found a new creative outlet.  Pairing his love of fan art with intricate knife work, Crawford began sharing his portraits on Instagram, leading him to join a community of fellow artists who are in it for the trade. 

Resolutions, Every Day

Front Porch Magazine
January 2016, pg. 5

I’ve been thinking a lot about love lately.  In this town I’ve called home for nearly 18 years, I’ve seen love manifest in many forms among neighbors, lovers, family and friends; through secular and spiritual practices; and through my bond with my own son, a deep and primal love. 


"The moment you have in your heart this extraordinary thing called love and feel the depth, the delight, the ecstasy of it, you will discover that for you the world is transformed." ~Jiddu Krishnamurti

I have known love and I have seen what this town makes of love among its citizens.  In this, I’ve witnessed true understanding and unconditional compassion that transforms a place and is unstoppable.

"Love your neighbor, but who is your neighbor. Your neighbor is the one who is sent to you from the Divine. Your neighbor can be one who is a total stranger to you from afar. Your neighbor can be someone living close to you. But what is true is that your neighbor is one of the Light who needs your support as much as you need his." ~ Jesus of Nazarath

I’ve watched people make connections in this town, opening themselves like doors, offering comfort through words and deeds.  My own understanding of love is to live intentionally with a generous heart, to love deeply and openly; yet, I could love more.  Fear and anger sometimes get in the way of my loving as freely as I might wish, the way I know is right and true.    


Virginia's Trails: Elevations Above

The Health Journals
November/December 2015

It’s no secret that Virginia has some of the most spectacular terrain on the Atlantic coast. From its western mountains and Piedmont rivers to its shorelines on the bay, Virginia offers hikers the opportunity to experience a variety of natural environments, lush with a bounty of native species, natural features and a range of challenges to fit different physical needs. Whether you are a beginner, intermediate or expert hiker, Virginia has a trail for you.

Hand in Hand: Caregiving in a Modern Age

The Health Journal
November/December 2015

According to statistics compiled in 2014 by the Family Caregiver Alliance, a community based nonprofit dedicated to caregivers and their needs, the Ross’ story is far from unusual. In Virginia, there 180,000 grandparents living with grandchildren, and about 122,000 people in Virginia are 85 years or older. With nearly a quarter of the households in the state housing people 65 and older, the intricacies and balancing act of caring for a family member is a common reality for many.