James Noll / Burn All the Bodies Drops like Clockwork

Front Porch Magazine
November 2015, pg. 6

Time is a relentless partner: the longer we dance with it, the more it demands of us.  James Noll knows this.  He’s shaped time over the past twenty-four years, carving out space to create, write, develop, play, record, mix and collaborate - all while working as a full-time high school English teacher and raising a family with his wife, Angie. That being said, Noll retains steady control over that which we all seek.

Known locally as a master manipulator of the mixing boards, Noll has crafted music for over two decades, first stoking his talents as a drummer for local punk bands in Fredericksburg during the early 1990s.  He’s most recently produced music for Colonial Seafood, Alpha Jerk, The Apes of Wrath, The Skiffle Lounge Sound (Harry, Larry, Piper, and Buck) and Trucker Troy and the Convoy.  However, Noll’s projects over the past twenty years have not been solely musical; he’s concurrently published short stories and a novel series.  He says, “When I started getting serious about these creative projects, I realized I had to put more time and energy into them or they weren’t going to go anywhere.  I started with drum lessons and playing in local bands.  At the same time I was reading genre fiction.  It was a science fiction story, “‘Repent Harlequin!’ Said the Ticktockman,” by Harlan Ellison, that left me thinking I could do something like this.  I remember going downstairs to write my first short story on our Commodore Amiga when I was still in high school.  It was horrible.”