Megan Mason: For the Child

Front Porch Fredericksburg
December 2012 (pg. 5)

For many, the words “school,” “classroom,” and “teacher” evoke vivid images from our collective consciousness of students being led through curriculum - sometimes engaging, at other times soporific - but always based on the same data driven statistics of age, grade, and test scores. While many programs, including some in public schools, have moved away from this traditional model, one remains nonpareil in the school reform movement: the Montessori Method. Fredericksburg does have a variety of Montessori schools from which to choose, but Megan Mason saw a need for a small program that gives families the opportunity to ease pre-kindergarten and kindergarten aged children into a learning environment. She hired two adult assistants, Taylor Pointdexter and Lauren McGrath, and opened Village Montessori of Fredericksburg this year.