Pamela Mann: Traversing Faiths

Front Porch Magazine
September 2012 (pg. 8)

The labyrinth is a fitting symbol for a life well lived. The adept traverse its curves, twist in unlikely directions, and sometimes even double back, but they always leave their minds open to meditate on events that shape the journey. In kind, Pamela Mann didn’t realize that working with labyrinths would become her passion when she encountered one in California in 1998, leading to the birth of her first labyrinth project for Trinity Episcopal Church in Manassas, VA; nor could she foresee that the labyrinth would guide her toward a path of interfaith ministry. She reflects, “That’s one of the gifts of the labyrinth; it’s a mirror and metaphor for your relationships and life. When you walk a labyrinth you should observe everything that happens, every encounter, because when you later process the journey, you find that it is reflective of something that’s going on in your current situation.”