Ellen Smith Alden: Writing the Human Record

The Write Stuff - Virginia
March 2015

We’re back!  I know it’s been a while, but I am excited to share this latest interview with you.  Prior to the winter break, I was able to sit down in December with veteran educator and my good friend, Ellen Smith Alden.  And while I’m hoping she will forgive the long overdue posting of our interview, I know you will enjoy her wit, passion and expertise about the writing practice in her classroom.  Ellen currently teaches 7th grade history and English here in Virginia, and she is a certified NVWP consultant.  We met many years ago while working at a middle school in Stafford County, and I have always admired Ellen’s tenacity, sharp intellect, and evident concern for the kids in her classroom, both as students and as future adults.  She has the utmost respect for them, as is evident in the ways she teaches and in her consistent commitment to bringing them meaningful curriculum that will serve them their entire lives.

Photo by Ellen Smith Alden - Ellen and her students celebrate a great year of writing.