Natalie and Ray Davis: Love, True Love

Front Porch Magazine
February 2015 (pg. 8)

When we hear the word love, a plethora of clichés comes to mind.  It’s many-splendored, everlasting, and eternal.  Love ignites, consumes, inspires, heals, and breaks.   It lifts us up and sometimes aches.  At times, it even bites; but through all its many personifications, love – the kind you find in partnerships, in friendships, in marriages, and in familial relationships – relies on a basic foundation to endure and thrive.  Natalie and Ray Davis’ 51 years as a couple exemplifies this foundation.  They’ve been traveling the road of love together for longer than many have been alive, learning that in its simplest form love has few rules, but many opportunities for growth and wisdom. 

Photo by A.E. Bayne - Natalie and Ray Davis at the Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of Fredericksburg