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Kristen LePine's Historic Heroines

By A.E. Bayne
August 2017, pg. 11

Playwright and novelist Kristen LePine says that big projects never seem to follow a straight line.  The University of Mary Washington instructor discovered this for herself as she began writing her first novel, Daughter of Sparta. She began it several years ago as a “choose your own adventure” book for a new educational publisher, but then the book took a new direction, and LePine decided to publish it herself.  Read More

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A Fair Deal

Front Porch Magazine
February 2016, pg. 15

VCFC believes that accessible, affordable fresh food leads to healthy lives

The farmer’s markets in Fredericksburg, Spotsylvania and King George are burgeoning spaces, bustling with buyers and sellers during Virginia’s long growing season. What started as a collaboration between these farmers markets, The Farmers (, has blossomed into an organization working to promote local farmer’s markets and to increase local food access and affordability, connecting those with limited means with programs that will get healthy food into their hands. All of this is positive and indicative of the growth that our region, one the size of Rhode Island, has experienced over recent years.  Today, is evolving to address broader food access and food system issues.  

Global Perspectives(C

Front Porch Magazine
January 2016, pg. 25

Photography opens a Year of Diversity in Art at UUFF Gallery

A paired photography show from Seth Craig and Saeed Ordoubadi kicks off UUFF Gallery’s Year of Diversity in Art.  An opening will be held on Sunday, January 3, 2016, from 11:30 a.m. until 2:00 p.m., at 25 Chalice Circle in Fredericksburg. Come out and enjoy this pairing of populations, cultures, and natural habitats that span the globe.

Jus Pop'n

Front Porch Magazine
September 2015, pg. 14

Are you a salty or a sweet person?  Maybe you like a little of both.  Whatever you’re craving, you’ll find something to please at Jus Pop’n, Fredericksburg’s new gourmet flavored popcorn store.  Caroline Jipson and her son, Dominique Fowler, opened the shop in the small space next to Dragonfly Yoga Studio in the back of the Shop at 810 Caroline Street.  You might say it is the perfect location, what with its close proximity to Jabberwocky Books.  

Good Things are Found in Fred

Front Porch Magazine
September 2015, pg. 6

It’s not often you hear of a business taking off as quickly as Found in Fred.  While in the works for some time, owners Rick Jeffries and Chris Austin brought the shop to life in the span of 72 hours at the end of July: signing a lease, setting up the company, completing legal and IRS paperwork, obtaining permits and rezoning papers, and getting an inspection.  They’ve been open for a month now. With the help of Robbie Hill, a third owner who will act as shop keep for the space, Found in Fred will provide marketing plans and a second storefront for local businesses around Fredericksburg.  

In Communion with Change

Front Porch Magazine
June 2015 (pg. 11)

Change.  It’s a word that strikes fear into many hearts, especially when life is strolling comfortably along minding its own business.  However, situations sometimes call for a shake-up, as Fredericksburg’s newest face about town, Reverend Doug McCusker, knows all too well.  After a long career as an IT expert for the Department of Defense, McCusker took a leap of faith into a new job as a minister, landing at the Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of Fredericksburg in Chatham.

Photo provided by Rev. Doug McCusker

Ramp up Your Routine on the Rappahannock River

Front Porch Magazine
May 2015 (pg. 29)

Stretch, sweat, run, sweat, lift, sweat, crunch, sweat, curl, sweat.  Repeat.  Sound familiar?  Many people find themselves looking for ways to infuse variety into their fitness routines after a long winter of indoor gym workouts, and luckily for those of us living in and near Fredericksburg that variety is right outside our doors.  With their “Gear Up Get Active” motto, Keith and April Petersen of River Rock Outfitters fully promote the ease and accessibility of outdoor fitness options in Fredericksburg while highlighting appreciation and conservation of the area’s natural resources.  

Photo by White Water Photos 

Art of Poetry: Water Street Writing and Art Studio Celebrate National Poetry Month

Front Porch Magazine
April 2015 (pg. 3)

In celebration of National Poetry Month, local artists and poets have teamed up at Water Street Studio on Sophia Street to illustrate the ways art and writing influence one another. Come out and view their inventive collaboration and join the festivities on First Friday, April 3, 2015.  Runs through April 2015

Winter Outings: Tips from River Rock Outfitters

Front Porch Magazine
December 2014 (pg. 29)

As winter numbs noses, and frigid air bites, and lungs puff a ghostly fog, we long to break our cabin fever in craggy, barren woods, staking out camps from which to watch Orion cross the sky.  With fewer insects, expansive views, and smaller weekend crowds, the winter months draw out hikers, campers, and climbers; however, weather becomes a significant consideration when planning day and overnight trips.   Brothers Connor and Keith Peterson, co-owners of the newly opened River Rock Outfitters on Sophia Street, provide the following checklist of essential planning tips to keep us safe and comfortable during outdoor winter adventures.  

Photo by April Petersen - Winter Outing Wear from River Rock Outfitters